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  • Indiana State Museum
  • HEPL Ignite Studio
  • Rocky Ripple festival 
  • Michiana Renaissance  Festival
  • Indiana Renaissance Faire
  • Indianapolis Scottish Highland Games and Festival

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Check out these great videos of what happens in "Artisan 

Experience"  stone carving workshops and communal stone activities.

Exploration, Discovery and  Creation. 

Artisan Experiences

This is our blog to keep and record a diary of what we have done, and where we have been doing it. "Artisan Experience" is such a unique and expansive idea it is difficult to put into words.  As they say "a picture is worth a thousand words" and if we add a few words  maybe we all would have a better understanding of what happens at an Artisan Experience event. 


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Global Fest CFI #70

We were blessed to be invited to the cfi Global Arts Festival this year. we had a great time working with the kids, parents, and visitors that walked through. there was good food and beveridge, great music we heard all day long and a great community of people from the school, neighborhood, and city. This was the second year of the festival  envisioned as a celebration of diversity in the city and IPS. Funds raised from the fest will be used during the  School  to supplement funds for  field trips, special programs, and other ways to enhance the education of these great young people. It takes a village to make the best of, and for, people of all ages and  CFI #70 understands this  and set up a program with that goal in mind. These are the things that makes the CFI program one of the most sought after programs in Indianapolis, and IPS. CFI has drawn students from all over the world for their programming. There are 4 CFI  programs in Indianapolis and all of them are fantastic!.

Kudos to IPS Center For Inquiry #70

Center for Inquiry

Ignite studios

What a great opportunity! we just completed two great sessions of stone carving at the Fishers library maker space/art studios. If you haven't been there you need to go it is a dream crafts/art/maker/hobby, work space. I saw several families and children there working on home and school projects, home work, sewing, playing, creating art, pro photography work,  art classes, gaming preparation, digital imaging classes,  with all the machines, even sewing it was amazing! If you are involved an any of these activities or hobbies that need a larger space than your home space, than you need to be here. A great environment equipment and supplies  that will enhance your creative energies and ideas. Ignite is a place to learn something new, improve your own skills, or help others with your expertise, while you do your own thing. It's Awesome.